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Week 028: winners // gossip

The winning piece for Week 028: gossip, is:
Rumours by tiger_azul

Second place goes to Cuban Crime of Passion by qualapec,
And third place goes to lend me your ear by ladyemme!

» This week's prompt will be delayed for the contest.
» Please read the details to get an idea of the event, as well as volunteer to be a prize maker! Advertising to related communities would be fantastic, too.

As stated in the linked post, full contest information will be disclosed this coming Monday.

week 028: gossip // voting // notification

At this point in time, voting has opened. Comment to this entry and vote for three: Your first pick will be given three points, the second two, and the third one. You are allowed to vote for yourself. Your vote should be in this format:

1. Title of First Choice - 3 points
2. Title of Second Choice - 2 points
3. Title of Third Choice - 1 point

01. Kings by ejunknown
02. lend me your ear by ladyemme
03. Cuban Crime of Passion by qualapec
04. Rumours by tiger_azul

Due to special circumstances explained below, the results will be released on Wednesday. The next prompt will be posted on the following Monday, the first of February, which is part of what comes next.

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Week 28 // Gossip // Rumours

Title: Rumours
Rating: G
Genre: Drama / Romance
Characters/Pairings: Poland/Lithuania, Turkey
Summary: Gossip and rumour are rife throughout Europe following the Partitions of Poland. Lithuania finds out from Turkey that reports of Poland’s death may have been greatly exaggerated.
Words: 2100 ish

( By coming here, deep in the heartland of a Nation he had long considered an enemy, Lithuania risked everything and nothing. )

week o28 - Gossip - Kings

Title: Kings
Rating: G
Characters: Arthur, Alfred...I'd say some Alfred/Arthur there, but then it is very, very faint. xD;
Summary: Tales of Kings and Wars, and Alfreds skepticism of Arthurs fables. However, sometimes, Alfred can go just a little too far. And when the damage is done and bleeding, the wound left is not easily fixed.
Words: 1159
Notes: Set very early 1950s/very late 1940s, post war, thus Arthur lives in a newly built Apartment Complex. My only note is that when they determined the 'first' language of America, it was very nearly german, and if I remember correctly, it should have been, since there was a German majority? That, and the name King Arthur is pretty much all you need to know. There is a rough old TV/Radio reference, but apart from the Chassis radio in the 1940s, it is just an old TV.

I am surprisingly sort of happy with this one. It is complete. c: I need to write more of these two. xD

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