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Week 018: picnics // voting

At this point in time, voting has opened. Comment to this entry and vote for three: Your first pick will be given three points, the second two, and the third one. You are allowed to vote for yourself. Your vote should be in this format:

1. Title of First Choice - 3 points
2. Title of Second Choice - 2 points
3. Title of Third Choice - 1 point

01. Picnic by trishpawachunyu
02. War Is Not a Picnic by hapsburgs
03. The Paneuropäisches Picknick by moirae
04. Traditions by tokene
05. Make A Wish by ladyemme
06. Six is good by atlikarinca
Kate Beaton ❝your mom's stupid❞

Week 018 ✘Picnics ✘ Six is good

Title: Six is good
Rating: T - for swearing and racial slurs (with no harmful intent)
Genre: General, Friendship.
Characters: Australia, Canada, France; OCs - New Zealand, Sri Lanka/Ceylon, India; mentioned Turkey and England.
Summary: They've been stuck in Gallipoli for half a year, who could blame them for wanting a break?
Words: 2,045
Notes: Through the link.

( Yah boo sucks to you, Fritzy! )
  • moirae

week 018→ picnics → paneuropäisches picknick

Title: Paneuropäisches Picknick
Rating: PG
Genre: family ; romance
Characters/Pairings: Austria ; Hungary ; Prussia ; Germany (Austria/Hungary and Prussia/Germany)
Summary: The story of the Pan-European Picnic, during which communist Hungary and Prussia are reunited with capitalist Germany and Austria for a scarce three hours.
Words: 750
Notes: Even picnics can be communist if you try hard enough! :D

( “We’ll find a way to tear the whole thing down,” he promised. “And not only for their sake.” )

Week 018:: Picnics:: War Is Not a Picnic

Title: War Is Not a Picnic
Rating: PG-ish something or other (Maybe PG-13?)
Genre: Angst
Characters/Pairings: Poland/Lithuania (OTP ALERT)
Summary: When life treats you so fairly, it's a shame it's only a dream...
Words: 996 (Not including footnote)
Notes: Okay, okay, historically Lithuania wanted the war, but Poland's head!canon is a bit screwed. See footnote for more details. (I bet I screwed with the prompt. OTL. I'm sorry ;A;)

(I thought that I heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you sing...)

captchalogue my heart

~week 018~oneshot~picnics~

Title: Picnic
Rating: G
Genre: General (...?)
Characters/Pairings: OC!Philippines, America, England
Summary: Philippines has a hard time believing that her favorite foods are as gross as people say they are. At least, that was the reason she told Alfred and Arthur when she told them she wanted to have a picnic at Rizal Park.
Words: 585 words!!!
Notes: Sorry for the extreme randomness of this oneshot. A reference to my other oneshot "Balut" popped up too... Also... This is my first attempt at writing something Hetalia for a contest! So I hope you'll like it!

( Why did she want to go to Rizal Park, when there were malls in which they could ward off the intense heat?)