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Week 011: Fairytales // Voting

At this point in time, voting has opened. Comment to this entry and vote for three: Your first pick will be given three points, the second two, and the third one. You are allowed to vote for yourself. Your vote should be in this format:

1. Title of First Choice - 3 points
2. Title of Second Choice - 2 points
3. Title of Third Choice - 1 point

01. The Once and Future King by moirae
02. Heroes Start Young by tanya_tsuki
03. A Sorta Fairytale... by hapsburgs
04. Bedtime Stories by ghibli22
05. And All His Friends by peekaydee
06. Sidelined by dogstardreams
07. Blossoming Magnolia by chromatic_coma
08. Bridegroom by toadcandies
09. Fairytale by musubi7
10. Plumage by etherful
11. Believe Again by harosketch
12. Past and Present by bavarois
13. "A Loss of Religion" by qualapec
14. Rainbow Serpent by atlikarinca
15. Snowgirl by electriclaugh
16. The Snowdrop by olynthus
17. Fairy tale in Helsinki by ejunknown

Week 011 - Fairytales: Fairytale in Helsinki

Title: Fairy Tale in Helsinki
Other title: Chameleon.
Rating: G
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: SuFin. Sweden, Finland. *u*
Summary:  xD Follows the Pogue's 'Fairytale of New York'. On Christmas Eve in Helsinki, two people accept their differences. 
Words: Not sure. 8D;
Notes: .... :'D Fairytale of New York Link
Love - hate - medium. Question of love - argument - show of love.
...It worked in my head. 8D;
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Laugh like a church bell

Week 011: Fairytales // The Snowdrop

Title: The Snowdrop
Rating: G
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: Iceland, Norway
Summary: Iceland hasn't gotten rid of the book Denmark gave him.
Words: 300!
Notes: Okay, so. Background on this one: it draws from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snowdrop". Basically, Iceland = the snowdrop, a mis-fated flower that was coaxed into blooming early and ended up in a book. Also, historically, Iceland kind of was like...this shiny new thing that Denmark got along with Norway but kind of let go to hell in a handbasket.

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Week 011 ✘Fairytales ✘ Rainbow Serpent

Title: Rainbow Serpent
Rating: G
Genre: General; History.
Characters: Australia, England; OC – Koori.
Summary: England taught him to throw the stories out from his mind from when he was very young – but they remained dear as childhood fairytales.
Words: 263
Notes: Through the cut!

( at one and the same time fragments of a catechism, a liturgical manual, a history of civilisation, a geography textbook )

Week 11 - Fairy Tales - "A Loss of Religion"

Title: A Loss of Religion
Rating: PG-13ish
Words: 295
Summary: The fire drove France mad long before the guillotine.
Notes: Please don't take this to mean that I'm horribly critical of the Christian faith. The faith itself isn't so bad, my issues come when people use a doctrine of peace and love to justify hate and fear; this was especially common during the middle ages. As you know, it also happened in the New World in places such as Salem. Also, this ties into the idea that France, today, is a very secular country. They have religious freedom, but it's NOT incorporated into the government at all. So I think that cynicism might go back quite far for a being that has a longer memory than humans.


Week 011: Fairytale // Plumage

Title: Plumage
Rating: G
Genre: General.
Characters: Russia.
Words: 340...sob. I can't bring myself to take out forty words though...
Summary: Those that are free, we wish to shackle to ourselves almost as if to prove we can. Their despair is our creation and undoing.
Notes: This drabble is just a tiiiiiny bit over. But I found it impossible to crop without taking out vital words, so...I hope you'll excuse it? D:

( “zhar-ptitsa, why don’t you sing?” ivan breathed. “why don’t you laugh like your cousin’s do outside, at the blizzard?” )