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Week 008: Highlanders / Voting

At this point in time, voting has opened. Comment to this entry and vote for three: Your first pick will be given three points, the second two, and the third one. You are allowed to vote for yourself. Your vote should be in this format:

1. Title of First Choice - 3 points
2. Title of Second Choice - 2 points
3. Title of Third Choice - 1 point

01. Touch the Sky by madgirl_l
02. The Wisest Fool by moirae
03. Bookstores and Scotsmen by floofers
04. Changes in Altitudes, Changes in Attitudes by qualapec

Week 008 - Highlanders - "Changes in Altitudes, Changes in Attitudes"

 Title: Changes in Altitudes, Changes in Attitudes
Rating: PG
Genre: ...Is 'thoughtful' a genre?
Characters: America, England, France
Summary: For the pilot and the planet, everything was rearranged.
Words: Not sure, wrote it in livejournal...
Notes: Written very late at night, but an idea that I've loved for a long time.