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Week 002: Free Length // Hands

Thank you for participating, everybody! We've gotten more entries than I thought we would, and that's spectacular. With that said:

The winning piece for Week 001: Father's Day, is:
"Papa" by moirae
And because the internet connection is horrible, your banner will be coming at a later time. My apologies for the inconvenience!

» This week's prompt is hands.
» The piece should be a free length (any word count).

Week 001: Father's Day // Voting

At this point in time, voting has opened. Comment to this entry and vote for three: Your first pick will be given three points, the second two, and the third one. Your vote should be in this format (or something similar to it to avoid confusion):

1. Title of First Choice - 3 points
2. Title of Second Choice - 2 points
3. Title of Third Choice - 1 point

Comments are screened -- if you believe you should be, you are allowed to vote for yourself.

01. Breakfast
02. Surprise
03. I Hope You're Proud
04. Crown and Dignity
05. "Papa"
06. Not Just for Fathers
07. Warrior Maidens Fair
08. It's Father's Day
09. Don't Cry Because He's Gone
10. Never Forgotten
11. Always
12. What's Important

Week 001: Father's Day // Never Forgotten

Title: Never Forgotten
Rating: Everyone (U/G/K whichever!)
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: China, Korea
Summary: China finds his house unusually quiet.
Words: 292
Notes: I found this so hard to get under the limit! But I managed... just. And just in the deadline too, I'm sorry. I hope it's okay.
This was easier to write than I thought, but I'm not entirely sure how it turned out. Enjoy...?

( Come find a cup of tea )

Week 001: Father's Day // Don't Cry Because He's Gone

Title: Don't Cry Because He's Gone
Rating: PG because of one thing South Italy says
Genre: General
Characters/Pairings: North and South Italy and Rome.
Summary: North and South Italy go to where they last saw their Grandfather for Father's Day only to have an emotional realization.
Words: 300

The cut will take you to a magical pasta land~