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APH FanFiction

Get to writing, Children of Nations.

Axis Powers Hetalia [FanFiction] Contest
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All Members , Moderated

hetalia_contest is a community dedicated to weekly fanfiction contests relating to Axis Powers Hetalia.

→ Are there prizes? Not exactly, but a member was kind enough to offer it and is now making banners with each weekly result that is put out. They can be viewed here.

⇒ The concept of this community? bleach_contest.

Every week there will be a prompt, and participants will have the chance to write a piece of fanfiction relating to said "theme." The schedule will be as follows:
    o1. On Monday, a prompt will be released along with how lengthy the piece should be.
    o2. Participants should then get their entries in by Friday.
    o3. Voting will commence on Saturday and will last the whole weekend.
    o4. Winners will be announced on Monday, when the cycle will restart from the beginning.
Keep in mind that you're not obligated to post for every week! You can always skip a prompt or more and simply write for whatever suits your taste.

As long as it's before the voting or winners posts are made, you're free to submit your entry or votes. As a note, my timezone is PST and these tend to go up around as early as 5:00 A.M. to as late as 6 P.M.

Prompts will be stated clearly and easily to avoid as much confusion as possible. Additionally, there will be a set limit standard for that specific week; these range from drabbles, oneshots, to free length. Exact word count doesn't matter, though it's preferred that you keep to the specified length.

DRABBLES: 300 words or less
ONESHOTS: 300 words or more
FREE LENGTH: Free for all

Keep in mind that you can only submit one entry per week. Each entry submitted should follow this format:

After you post, anyone and everyone is free to comment to your entry with comments. However, outright bashing or flaming will be deleted upon detection.

Please don't plagiarize. Furthermore, entries should only be made once the prompt is released to before voting starts. At that point only the moderator should be doing the posting.

You are free to tag your entries accordingly, though the moderator will tend to that if you do not wish to.

If you are interested in affiliating, please drop a message in my LiveJournal inbox (erinilliana).