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Contest: Winners

And here are the lovely winners! Thank you all for putting up with my lack of organization through these two months, and thank you again for the participation.

That's not all! I did promise back in the informational post that everyone would get something. In the next entry that comes around there will be a gift for the participants as a whole: an entry banner, if you would. I've yet to make it, but it will come very soon. ♥

Trust Games by qualapec

Second place: Break the Sky by moirae
Third Place: at one time, he was by electriclaugh

"Brotherhood" by didgeridoodle

Second place: Youthful Spring by luminousbeat
Third Place: In This Tangled Web by chromatic_coma

First place winners will be receiving either or both fanart and graphics from the lovely ejunknown, who volunteered to assist in the handling of prizes. How this will be handled will be up to Ejunknown, so please be sure to get in touch!

As for the runner ups, I'll be making graphics for all of you from LiveJournal layouts, icons, to headers. Here are the choices:
  1. One LiveJournal layout with/without a header or
  2. Three icons or
  3. A banner/header and two icons
Pick what you'd prefer, then PM erinilliana with the details of what you would like. For those requiring images, please provide them so that I may work with art that you like!

And with that the contest is officially over. The community will resume its weekly submissions come next Monday. eta; Though I would rather have avoided this, the weekly contest will be resumed sometime around May. There are a lot of tests and such to study for, for a lot of us (including myself), and so the community will be on a hiatus of sorts. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding!
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